Alien Vs Predator Game Cover
Game scene with Alien Queen


Face Hugger

Attack Moves: Attaches to host Head to Implant Chestbuster Alien.

These Emerge from Alien eggs and implant a young Alien into a host victim (known as a Chestbuster because of its fatal method of hatching). It is not known whether the Chestbuster is in fact the same animal or if the Face Hugger is simply a carrier for it. Face huggers have the same acidic blood as full-grown Aliens and can excrete acid-like substances that have been known to melt through the hardest materials to implant an Alien in a host.


Attack Moves: Claw, Tail & Jaw Attacks
Abilities: Climb any surface, Pounce great distances onto victims and use a type of Night-Vision.

Regarded as the most terrifying species humankind has ever encountered it has become known as simply Alien. It seems to be the antithesis of humanity; its entire lifecycle is set to destroy that of our own. It uses other species both as food and as host bodies for its young. On encountering an Alien then, the choices seem to be between a quick painful death or a slow painful death and nothing else. They exhibit some similar behaviours and abilities to some Earth insects but on a much more threatening scale. It is not known if they possess what we would call intelligence or if they are simply deadly animals. Certainly, if they are intelligent, then it is like everything else about them: alien.


Attack Moves: Claw, Tail & Jaw Attacks
Abilities: Pounce great distances onto victims and use a type of Night-Vision.

This is a specialised form of the Alien that has been reported. It seems to have the common features with the Alien Queen and it is believed that it may, in fact be a juvenile Queen. They are usually found in the vicinity of the Alien Queen, guarding her and her egg chamber. They are stronger and larger than the normal Alien drones.

Alien Queen

Attack Moves: Claw, Tail, Jaw Attacks & Also able to throw large heavy objects.
Abilities: Relentless pursuit of victims and use a type of Night-Vision.

The Alien Queen is a machine designed to breed and propagate her species. She is much larger and has different physical characteristics to her drones. She is generally found in the egg chamber. Laying new eggs, which drones take care of. Queens are known to detach themselves from their egg sacs in time of danger (perhaps to relocate their hive). As with all mother-animals, harming the young invariably stirs up the rage of this towering creature.


Attack Moves: Claw, Tail & Jaw Attacks
Abilities: Use a type of Night-Vision.

The Predalien was created as a biological weapon by the company, it has the build and strength of the predator but is able to climb walls, claw, slash with its alien hands and also strike out with its alien tail, making this creature a formidable adversary to come up against. The Predalien is treated mainly by the Xenomorph Species as one of their own and visa versa, but to the Predator Species it is treated as a Abominable hybrid of their species and hunted like any other of their prey.


Weapons: 2 x High Powered Lasers
Equipment: Motion Tracker & Laser Sight

Resulting from a human experiment into controlling captured Aliens, these have cybernetics and weapons grafted onto them. The experiment is generally regarded as a failure, having stripped the Aliens of their essence, but these cyborgs are still deadly and extremely difficult to destroy. The Xenoborg is treated as a threat by all species as it treats all non-Xenoborg as a potential target.


Weapons: Wrist blades, Plasma Pistol, Speargun, Plasmacaster & Disc.
Equipment: Field Energy Units, Cloaking Field, 3 x Vision Modes, Long Range Zoom, MediComp & Grappling Hook.

This extraterrestrial species of hunter is almost unstoppably deadly. It is known to have hunted the galaxy for hundreds of years or more, searching for the heat of combat perhaps as a blood sport, perhaps as a some kind of ritual. Their marriage of technology and savagery inspires almost as much terror as the Alien.


Weapons: Automatic Pistols*, Molotov Cocktails*, Pulse Rifle, Smartgun, Flamethrower**, Grenade Launcher, SADAR (Rocket launcher) & Minigun.

* Civilians Only
** Civilians and Marines

Equipment: Motion Tracker, Image Intensifier, Flares, Jet Pack, Armour & Medikit.

Humans vary on the threat scale based mostly on whether they are civilians or Marines. Marines are obviously heavily armed and trained whereas civilians are generally untrained and armed (if at all) with lower grade weapons and are prone to panicking.


Weapons: Shot guns & Automatic pistols

Androids appear to be civilian humans but are much more resilient and skilful with their weapons, Also Androids never display fear.