Ripley begins searching for Newt
Alien Queen emerges from the back of the dropship

ALIENS directed by James Cameron (1986)

Apone Apone
Bishop Bishop
Burke Burke
Drake Drake
Ferro Ferro
Frost Frost
Gorman Gorman
Hicks Hicks
Hudson Hudson
Newt Newt
Ripley Ripley
Spunk Spunkmeyer
Vasquez Vasquez

All is quiet as the Narcissus travels through space. Not a sound or anything that would suggest the horror, which Warrant Officer Ripley has experienced, is heard or seen. She is safe again inside her comfortable cryo-sleep tube along with her cat, Jones. Her path is disrupted by a ship, which tracks the Narcissus into docking. The silence inside the Narcissus is shattered with the loud screeching of a laser cutter. The door is cut open and people enter. Ripley has been rescued.

Ripley awakens at Gateway Station, an immense space station orbiting Earth. Yet, she's puzzled why she doesn't remember the station. A Weyland Yutani executive, Carter Burke, walks into her hospital room and tells her the shocking news that she has been lost for 57 years.

She's instructed to report in front of the executive board of Weyland Yutani. After giving her statement, the board doesn't credit Ripley's account of the Alien or why the Nostromo was destroyed. She is told that the planet LV-426 was colonised 20 years before her rescue and hasn't had any trouble with any "Hostile creatures" .

The Company declares her psychologically unfit and revokes her flight officer's license.

However, Ripley is certainly not surprised when Burke shows up, a while later, at her apartment with an officer of the Colonial Marine Corps, and tells her that contact with the colony on LV-426 has been lost.

Fearing the presence of Aliens, Weyland Yutani has asked for her to act as a consultant for the rescue mission back to the planet. At first Ripley refuses but after having one of her reoccurring nightmares she calls Burke and agrees to venture back to LV-426 on the condition that they are going to destroy the Aliens and not to them bring back.

After awaking from Cryo-sleep and having a meal with Marine Officer Gorman and Burke, Ripley becomes upset to discover an android has joined the expedition along with the CMCs.

After the meal Ripley is called to the briefing room to describe the Alien creature she had encountered and explain what dangers to expect to the indifferent Marines. After the briefing Ripley, because she has some training in the use of Powerloaders, offers to help in the loading of ammunitions on the Marines UD4L Dropship.

Their officer in charge 'Gorman' who seems to be trying desperately to gain the respect of the Corps, puts them through a heavy training schedule.

After days of training they finally gather on their APC and are transferred onto the Dropship for the journey to the surface of LV-426.

After coming through turbulence the atmospheric processor plant where the colonists were stationed comes into view. After an initial sweep of the area from the Dropship they discover that storm shutters are left open but observe no signs of life?

Along with a squadron from the Colonial Marine Corps, Ripley arrives to discover that something terrible has happened with obvious signs of Alien battles taken place with the discovery of acid burns through floor and ceilings between levels. During their sweep of abandoned facility, they come upon a nine-year-old girl named Newt, a traumatised girl whose parents have been killed.

With the use of the Operations Centres computers they able to track the colonists who have a tracking device implanted within them, huddled in a group under the nuclear reactor core plants.

The marines are sent in but are asked to hand in all their ammo when 'Ripley' points out that they risk causing a nuclear melt down if their bullets should enter any of the reactors. But 'Vasquez' and 'Drake' manage to conceal a couple of rounds.

With the discovery of one the colonist's cocooned but still alive! They attempt to release her but suddenly a juvenile Alien explodes from her chest as she pleads with the marines to kill her! One of the marines sets the juvenile Alien along with the now dead colonists aflame with a flame-thrower.

At this point sleeping adult Alien's asleep in alcoves in the high upper ceiling begin to come to life. The marines begin to panic as they receive multiple readings all around them and 'Vasquez' and 'Drake' let loose volleys of machine gun fire as other members are picked off one by one.

Officer Gorman who is monitoring the situation in the APC watches as the screen showing the marines vital signs begin to go flat line one by one, he then losses control and does not seem to know what to do.

At this point Ripley take control of the APC and drives it to towards where the Marines are fighting for their lives. After managing to get a few of the marines in the APC she drives the APC out of the processor complex through several walls in a desperate attempt to get away form the Alien confrontation and in doing so breaks the drive shaft of the APC.

They then call Ferro to collect them for a return journey back to space carrier. Ferro receives the rescue call, and calls her co-pilot to quickly get aboard, as he climbs aboard the co-pilot notices a sticky substance and tries to warn Ferro but it is to late. As she is flying directly towards Ripley and the Marine Corps the door to the cockpit opens, and thinking it is her co- pilot she turn her head to see that it is in fact a Alien and as she reaches for her gun the Alien strikes. Seeing the transport craft suddenly flying erratically Ripley and the CMC quickly head for cover as the Transport Craft crashes amongst them and taking out the stranded APC.

With most of the corp. dead or wounded, and with little weapons and night closing in, Newt advices them to take shelter as she explains "the Aliens mostly come out at night" it is decided to return to the Operations Centre, to make it secure and await rescue themselves.

At the Medical Lab android medical officer, Bishop who has been analysing the Facehugger specimens found at the facility, points out how the nuclear rectors have been venting which could only mean that the Nuclear reactors had been damaged during the corps gunfire when they were attacked, and explains that they have only few hours before the rectors go critical and explode.

Hicks who is next in command calls everyone together to discuss options of survival, and because a rescue ship would take more than a week to arrive it is decided to send Bishop to transmission array to send a message to the carrier and guide a new Dropship to the surface by remote control. This however would involve crawling hundreds of metres through a pipe to reach the dish situated on the outside.

Meanwhile the Marines would make the medical facility as secure as possible and Hicks teaches Ripley how to use a Pulse Rifle and gives her a watch that can be used to track her.

Ripley then joins Newt in the Med-Lab for sleep and gives Newt the watch , when she awakes she notice that containers , which contained two Facehuggers, have been overturned. Ripley and Newt desperately tries to escape the Facehuggers but her Pulse Rifle has been taken and the exit door have been locked, Ripley activates the sprinkler system with the use of a lighter and the marines finally turn up to rescue them.

Ripley becomes extremely angry when she is convinced that Burke had intended to infect Newt and Ripley with the Facehuggers, freeze them in CryoGenics and even kill the remaining Marines and blame it on fault in a attempt to return to earth with the Alien specimens. with this revelation it is touch and go if Burke is shot or fed to the Aliens.

But before a decision is made Aliens are being detected entering the facility and a battle ensues and it ends with everyone killed except Ripley, Newt and Hicks who has been injured by an Aliens acid blood who are forced to retreat to the Landing Field, but as they are escaping through an air vent Newt falls down a shaft.

Ripley and Hicks track down Newt under some grating in chest high water by the watch Ripley gave her, and attempt to burn through the metal grate floor to gain access to Newt but as they almost bend the grating down an Alien appears behind Newt, grabs her then Newt and Alien are seen disappearing in a swirl of water.

Ripley, and the injured Hicks make it to the Dropship, which Bishop has managed to land by remote, and while Bishop tends to Hicks wounds. Ripley grabs hold of a Pulse Rifle with extra rounds, Flame Thrower, flares and tapes the Rifle and Flame Thrower together. She then persuades Bishop to fly her to Atmosphere Processor Plant to search for Newt and asks Bishop to remain for 15mins before leaving.

Ripley by using a tracker taped to the Rifle uses an elevator to go down to the lair of the Aliens. She uses flares as a guide back to the elevator and Dropship and with the tracker device managers to find the watch device that she gave to Newt but no sign of Newt is found.

But suddenly she hears the screams of Newt and runs towards the area the screams were coming from and there she finds Newt Cocooned and a Facehugger emerging from an egg.

She kills the Facehugger and breaks Newt free from the cocoon, at this time the Atmosphere Processor Plant is becoming more unstable with fires breaking out and electricity sparks arcing throughout the Plant. This results in her having to take an alternative route back to the Dropship, which leads directly to the Queen Alien lair where she finds the Queen towering above her and laying more Alien eggs.

The Alien Queen signals to her soldier Aliens for assistance but as Ripley shoots out a stream of flame in the air and then points the Flame Thrower at the newly laid eggs the Queen signals the soldier Aliens to back away.

Ripley along with Newt slowly moves through the Queens nest but as they reach the exit she lets lose a volley of grenades into the Queens huge swollen abdomen filled with eggs and also amongst the laid eggs and also burning the eggs with the flame thrower, with Queen screeching out loud and the nest all ablaze Ripley and Newt find there way back to the elevator to the landing where the Dropship is waiting.

Meanwhile the Queen has detached herself from her abdomen and with the harming of her young, Ripley has invariably stirred up the rage of this towering creature.

As they exit the elevator they discover that the Dropship is nowhere in sight, thinking bishop has abandoned them Ripley having used up all her weapons ammo cries out in despair as the elevator with the Queen ascends. But as the elevator door opens, the Dropship appears behind them from below the landing and they quickly climb onto the ships ramp, the Queen tries to make a grab for Ripley and Newt but is prevented when the Dropship because of the violent explosion within the plant is plunged into the Alien Queen.

With Ripley and Newt aboard Bishop heads for the nearest exit and with explosion all around them exits out of the plant into space seconds later the whole Atmosphere processor complex is seen exploding in a huge nuclear type explosion.

Back on the carrier and feeling that they are now safe Ripley and Bishop discuss Hick's condition and their journey home, but as bishop is talking he suddenly begins to have what seem like convulsions, but then a pointed tail plunges out of his chest and Bishop is hoisted into the hands of the Alien Queen who appears out the landing gear section space of the Dropship.

Then the Alien Queen rips Bishop body in half and throws the two half's in opposite directions, then Queen heads towards Newt but Ripley distracts the Queen who then chases Ripley who just escapes the Queens clutches by diving under a closing hanger door. Meanwhile Newt has escaped under the Hanger metal floor grating but the Queen is now in pursuit, looking for her by lifting the floor grating, the Queen is just about to grab Newt when the hanger door Ripley escaped behind opens.

Ripley appears inside a Powerloader and shouts "Get away from her, you bitch!", Ripley in the Powerloader and the Queen then battle it out with Ripley avoiding the Queens tail and tongue attacks. Ripley manages to restrain the Queen while she uses the controls on the Powerloader to open the inner Bay Doors to space.

Ripley and the Alien Queen then fall together down onto the outer Bay Doors, with the Powerloader pinning down the Alien Queen Ripley un belts herself from the Powerloader and starts to climb a service ladder to the hanger, halfway up she operates the switch to open the Outer Bay doors this cause's the emergency override system to shut the inner bay doors, so Ripley starts to quickly ascend to the hanger deck before the inner bay doors close. But Alien Queen grabs Ripley by the foot and Ripley has to hook her arm round the rung of the ladder until the vacuum of outer space on the alien queen grip on Ripley foot causes Ripley's shoe to come off and the Queen tumbles into outer space and Ripley just manages to make to the hanger before the bay doors close.

Ripley is then seen setting the Cryo-Sleep chambers for Hicks, Bishops upper torso, Newt and finally herself for the long journey home.