Ripley making way to escape shuttle
Alien creature emerges from conduit in the escape shuttle

ALIEN directed by Ridley Scott (1979)

Ash Ash
Brett Brett
Dallas Dallas
Kane Kane
Lambert Lambert
Parker Parker
Ripley Ripley

The 2.1 terabyte intelligent mainframe named 'Mother' of 'Nostromo' a commercial towing vehicle owned by the Weyland Yutani Corporation, returning to earth towing an 20,000,000 tons assignment of mineral ore from the refineries based at the Sol and Beta II Reticuli systems suddenly comes to life as it receives an transmission of unknown origin and wakes the crew from cryo-sleep.

Awakening from their sleep and enjoying a meal they suddenly discover they are nowhere near Earth and Dallas the commanding officer informs them 'Mother' has interrupted their journey home to investigate the transmission of unknown origin they have been receiving. As a directive from the 'Company' they are forced to land on the planet to investigate the transmission with a penalty of loss of earnings if they fail to do so. With a few minor difficulties, they land on the surface of the "supposedly" desolate planet called LV-426. Dallas, Kane and Lambert embark on their Mission to investigate the signal, which they discover to be transmitting from a spacecraft that has crash-landed.

In the spacecraft they discover the petrified corpse of an alien with a hole in its chest, which seemed to be caused by something exploding outwards from within its chest? Kane discovers a chamber with hundreds if not thousands of leathery type alien eggs.

After fallen amongst the eggs he notices movement from within one of the eggs, then the egg begins to open, and as he stands over the open egg case for a closer look. The creature within jumps out of the egg case with so much force it penetrate Kane's helmet.

On removal of Kane's helmet they discover Kane still to be alive but unconscious, with a parasitic creature later to be known as a 'Face Hugger' attached to his face with a long tail wrapped around Kane's neck which dangerously tightens if any attempt is made to remove it.

A decision is made to remove the Face Hugger by attempting to remove one of the creature's digits gripping to Kane's head. However after cutting through the skin, it is discovered that the creature's blood is made up of a Powerful Molecular Acid that eats its way through the Med-Lab floor as well as a few levels beneath them.

With no way of removing the Face Hugger safely it's decided to leave Kane in the infirmary under Ash's observation.

Ripley, a warrant officer, begins to doubt ash's loyalty to the group and loses all trust in him. she begins to feel there is something he is not sharing with other members of the crew.

Dallas receives a call from Ash asking to report to Med-Lab. In the Med-Lab they discover that the Face Hugger has disappeared and after a search they discover Face Hugger Creature dead?.

Later on Kane seems to make a full recovery and remembers nothing about the creature and makes a comment about how hungry he is and how he would like to have a meal before going back to sleep in a cryogen chamber for long journey home.

The rest of the crew are relieved to have their fellow crew member back and feeling well again. But while eating his meal Kane seems to have convulsions and while being placed with his back on the table it is noticed that his chest is showing signs of blood through his clothes and soon afterward an infant alien explodes out from his chest.

The creature seems to look around and with a hiss the creature quickly scurries away into the bowels of the ship.

A search is organised with the help of quickly put together tracking device to find what they think is just a 1 to 2 foot long creature. After tracking what they thought was the creature Brett, Parker and Ripley discover that it is in fact the ships cat. After Brett lets the cat escape Parker and Ripley explain to Brett that by letting the cat escape they may end up tracking the cat again instead of the infant alien. Brett goes in search for the cat and after cornering the cat he notices that the cat is frightened and hissing at something behind him, after turning round he discovers the now over six foot tall alien looking down at him and Brett is killed.

On discovering that the alien is now big enough in size to kill, and drag away Brett's body into the air ducts. Dallas comes up with plan to blow the alien into space by forcing the alien to one of the outer hatch doors with the use of flamethrowers.

But it goes terrible wrong as there is panic as the alien moves with incredible speed towards Dallas who tries to fend it off with the flamethrower. but as he turns round to escape the alien confronts him.

Ripley who as warrant officer is in charge after Dallas's death goes to communicate with Mother for a possible solution to their situation. There she discovers Ash has been privately instructed by Weyland Yutani to return to Earth with the alien for further study and that all crew are expendable.

Ash tries to kill Ripley but Parker and Lambert intervene and in the struggle they discover Ash is an android, and as Parker pounds Ash about the head with a fire extinguisher Ash's head becomes dislodged from his shoulders.

Ripley reconnect ashes head and asks him if there is any way of killing the alien, but no solution is presented and Ash says how he admires the alien in its strength and purity.

Ripley then decides to self-destruct the Nostromo and leave on the emergency shuttle Narcissus and as they leave Parker burns Ash's body with a flamethrower.

While Ripley sets the self-destruct and search for the ships cat Jones, Lambert and Parker stock up on air canister for the shuttle journey home. But as they are loading the canisters they are confronted by the alien and are both killed, with Parker being killed by the alien's second set of steel like jaws on the end of its foot long tongue.

Hearing the screams of Lambert, Ripley makes her way back to the shuttle but catches sight of the alien, who now blocks her way to the shuttle. With only seconds remaining Ripley tries to disarm the self-destruct system but is to late and now has only five minutes before the ship finally blows. She returns back toward the shuttle and discovering the passage clear, she collects Jones, which she left behind in a travel cage, and enters the shuttle.

With only seconds to spare she quickly launches the shuttle and witnesses the destruction of the Nostromo in blinding flashes of light.

Thinking that her terror is finally over she prepares herself along with Jones the cat for cryo-sleep and the long journey back to earth. BUT! As she begins to set the ship computer she is shocked to find the creature hiding in an alcove of the ship.

After making a hurried retreat to a locker room where the space suits are kept she managers to change onto one of the suits, and picks up a gun which fire's a small grappling hook with a length of cable attached.

She makes her way to one of the computer consoles and straps herself to a chair; she then begins pressing the buttons on the console until steam wakes and forces to creature from the alcove.

Ripley turns around and prepares to open the ships hull door; she takes a look out of the corner of her helmet and sees the creature looking at her with its jaws opening wide.

She then quickly opens the hull door and the creature is sucked towards the exit but manages to grab the sides of the exit and begins to pull itself in. Seeing this Ripley shots the creature and closes the hulls door as the creature floats out, but the line attached to the gun is caught by the door shutting and the creature is pulled back to the ships engine exhaust.

On seeing this Ripley quickly ignites the engine and the creature is finally destroyed.

Ripley is then seen making a recording of what had happened in the Nostromo and retiring to the cryo-sleep chamber.