David Sones Web Sites

David Sones Web Sites

Alien, Aliens website
Alien, Aliens web site

Alien, Aliens web site about one of the greatest ever horror sci-fi films. Also features the Alien versus Predator game, which brought together Alien, Predator and Space Marine corp troops to battle each other to the death.

tarantulas website
Tarantula web site

Tarantula web site, showing information about tarantula species requirements, that you should consider, before having a tarantula as a pet. For example: temperature, humidity, size of enclosure, type of decor and substrate, and also temperament for a specific species.

Remember a Tarantula is not just for Christmas, for some species it can be for up to 30 years;

pennoyer's webiste
Pennoyer’s School web site

Web site about Pennoyer’s School, which was featured on the BBC Restoration programme, with Griff Rhys Jones. About the restoration of the medieval chapel built in 1401, and rebuilding of the adjoining old Victorian school, which was founded in 1670 by William Pennoyer, into a new Village Centre.

drawings website

Images of drawings of Birds of prey.

Word 2000 tutorial website
Word 2000 Tutorial web site

This web based tutorial aims to give you a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word 2000, a word processing package that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Math Calculations

Math Calculations

fibonacci website

Fibonacci is when the 2 previous numbers are added together to produce the next new value, this is then repeated to produce the other values.

math website which calculates sine, cosine, tangent, square and square root

Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Square and Square Root, all calculated here, Using JavaScript and HTML DOM.

prime numbers website

This page displays prime numbers, from a given start number, to end number up to 999999.